What can I do for you after a trial or plea? Expugement, Parole and Probation Violations

Expungement: Even if you win your trial or complete a diversionary program like ARD, DDAP, Treatment Court or Section 17, it is likely that there is still an official record of your arrest, discoverable by future employers and others. I can help you clear that record with a petition for expungement.

Parole: Your loved one has done his minimum sentence and is eligible for parole or hasn't done his minimum but has extenuating circumstances and you need him to be released. I can help by filing a parole petition with his sentencing judge.

Probation Violations: Things didn't go so well with the probation officer, and now your loved one has a detainer, bench warrant or wanted cards. Whether she's back in custody or on the street, I can help by scheduling a hearing with the judge and asking to explain the alleged violations. Let me help you make the first step.