Juvenile Delinquency

Many people assume that juvenile court is just a less serious version of adult court. They couldn’t be more wrong. Juvenile cases can leave a child with a lasting record and limit his opportunities for housing, employment and education well into adulthood. Juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent of certain sexual assault offenses are forced to register as sex offenders and run the risk of indefinite civil commitment in a state facility.

If your child is arrested, she needs an attorney with experience in juvenile matters. You should not allow your child to talk to the police or anyone else without consulting an experienced attorney. Juvenile court has its own set of laws and court rules. You need an expert to help you if your child is arrested. I have years of experience in juvenile court in the most serious of cases and I will use every available tool to protect your children from the lasting consequences of juvenile court.

My friend and colleague, Dean Beer, has written an excellent introduction to the role special education can play in a child's defense of a juvenile case. Read it here