Family Violence

Cases that involve family members or loved ones can become extremely complicated. What is said or done in the heat of the moment may become a much larger matter than anyone anticipated. I look at the entire story to help my clients with domestic cases, which are often emotionally difficult. In many cases, an experienced attorney can resolve these cases without a trial or a conviction. I am committed to helping my clients who are accused of domestic abuse resolve their cases without a conviction.

Sexual Assault

Persons arrested and charged with Rape and other sexual offenses face a mountain of potential criminal and civil consequences that are extremely complicated to navigate. Pennsylvania lawmakers reorganized all sexual crimes on December 20, 2011 to conform with SORNA, The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, aka The Adam Walsh Act, which calls for registration of children and adults found guilty of a variety of sex-related charges. Lifetime involuntary civil commitment is now a possibility for people who are only accused of such offenses. Even if one is only sentenced to probation or parole, one may not even be able to return to the same home after a conviction. Experienced defense counsel is necessary to navigate all of these potential consequences.